Features of ConTrak Software for Construction Equipment Tracking

  • Easy one-time setup procedure
  • Choice of date format (dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy)
  • Up to two taxes on equipment rentals
  • Password protected functions (including all setup commands)
  • Management of projects
  • Daily, weekly and monthly rental rates
  • Print monthly invoices
  • Accept monthly payments and print receipts
  • Option to print company logo on invoices and receipts
  • All reports exportable in csv format (eg to Excel)
  • Data file backup function
  • Printable manual (HTML document)
  • Flag and charge for lost/damaged equipment
  • Option for tax exempt projects
  • Employee passwords for editing transactions
  • Equipment file import utility
  • Non-billable days (eg weekends)
  • Miscellaneous charges
  • Exchange equipment on rental
  • Option to rename project fields
  • Zero rate rental items
  • Add photographs of equipment
  • Equipment location by project
  • List equipment details
  • List rental rates
  • Equipment purchase details
  • Lost/damaged equipment
  • Equipment history
  • List projects
  • Payments received
  • Projects requiring payment
  • Project rental report
  • Revenue (all projects)
  • Revenue (specific project)
  • Return on investment
  • Non-billable equipment
  • Miscellaneous charges
  • Project modifications
  • Transactions summary
  • Reserved equipment

New in version 3.0: simple equipment reservations function.

Software for Construction Equipment Tracking
by GrenSoft

Phone: +1 888 213 4610
(Toll free USA & Canada)