Features of HireMate Car Rental Software

  • Monthly booking chart, showing days of the month and vehicles, clearly differentiating between future bookings, current rentals, and past rentals. Click here for a screen shot.
  • Tracking of vehicle service history.
  • Reports on vehicle utilization and maintenance costs.
  • Reports on monthly revenue.
  • Report on rentals over specified period.
  • Report on current rentals.
  • Accounts receivable.
  • Tracking of referrals and commissions.
  • Daily reports on vehicles to be issued and returned.
  • Reminders for overdue rentals.
  • Printing of contracts.
  • Search for bookings by family name or transaction number.
  • Rental rate options for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 days, plus weekly, monthly and weekend rates.
  • Report on customers' birthdays.
  • Option for hourly rates.
  • Print invoices for account holders.
  • Damage reports.
  • Exchange vehicle on rental.
  • Export reports in csv format.
  • Detailed report on current status of vehicles.
  • Up to 4 extra charges (eg child seat).
  • Attach images to rentals (eg scan of driving licence).
  • Set up employees with limited access.
  • Print account statements.
  • Reminders.
  • Report on vehicle availability.
  • Option of 2 tax rates (eg Provincial and Federal), percentage or daily rate.
  • Tracking of inspection, tax and insurance due dates.
  • Optional mileage charge.
  • Optional CDW/insurance charge.
  • Optional charge for extra driver.
  • Revenue report.
  • Password protected setup and reports.
  • Data file backup.
  • Choice of date format.
  • Rental quotations.
  • Hot keys for repetitive functions.
  • Networkable.
  • Track vehicle rental locations.
  • Sort vehicles by category or location.
  • Calculate rental days based on 24 hour periods or calendar days.
  • Credit card pre-authorization.
  • Report on daily revenue by vehicle.
  • Email booking confirmation.
  • User manual (HTML document).
  • Report on vehicles requiring tax, insurance and inspection.
  • Detailed management report in csv format.
  • Option for currency which is not subdivided (eg Korean Won).
  • Calculate fuel charges.
  • Print company logo on contracts.
  • WebLink module for online reservations.
  • Export customer email addresses.
  • Send SMS messages to customers.

New in version 7.5: added passport number and country to rental details; alerts for holidays.

Car Rental Software
by GrenSoft

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