Features of POSIC and POSIC Plus

  • Easy one-time setup procedure
  • Choice of date format (dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy)
  • Up to three taxes on sales
  • Password protected functions (including all setup commands)
  • Manage accounts
  • Manage stock control
  • Data backup function
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Options for standard discount/item discounts
  • Supports receipt printers, cash drawers, pole displays, barcode readers
  • User manual as HTML document
  • Manage refunds
  • Print barcode labels
  • Tax exempt customers
  • Option for payments in up to 8 currencies - ideal for tourist shops
  • Credit notes
  • Accept part payments for accounts
  • Print company logo on receipts/invoices
  • Print, sell and redeem gift certificates
  • Choice of password protected functions
  • Integrated credit card processing using X-Charge (USA and Canada)
  • Manage consignment sellers (Posic Plus)
  • Manage consignment stock (Posic Plus)
  • Email consignment sellers (Posic Plus)
  • Text message consignment sellers (Posic Plus)
  • Track damaged stock
  • Sell non inventory items
  • Round change to nearest 5 cents (Canada)
  • Email account holders
  • Account holders
  • Account payments
  • Receipts/revenue
  • Shift summary
  • Sales during a specified period
  • Refunds during a specified period
  • Sales summary
  • List stock
  • Stock requiring reorder
  • Reorders during a specified period
  • Hours worked by employees
  • Sales to a specified customer
  • Receipts in all currencies
  • Price list
  • Credit notes issued
  • X-Charge transactions
  • List consignment sellers (POSIC Plus)
  • Payments to consignment sellers (POSIC Plus)
  • Seller history (POSIC Plus)

New in version 3.3: manage layaways.

Point of sale software
by GrenSoft

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